Table S1. Specimens used in analyses, voucher information and Genbank accession numbers. Identity (ID) is: O, H.  orientale; B, backcross; H, hybrid; S, H.  stoechas.

Fig. S1. Depiction of the four steps for detection of the true number of groups K* according to Evanno et al. (2005). A: Mean L(K) (± SD) over ten runs for each K value. B: Mean rate of change of the likelihood distribution calculated as L′(<SMALLCAPS>K</SMALLCAPS>) = L( K) – L(K – 1). C: Mean absolute values of the second-order rate of change of the likelihood distribution calculated according to the formula: |L′′(K)| = |L′(K + 1) – L′(K)|. D: ΔK calculated as ΔK = m|L′′(K)|/s[L(K)]. The modal value of this distribution indicates the true K(*), here two groups.

Fig. S2. Mitotic metaphases. A: H.  stoechas (specimen M.  Galbany 2142), 2n = 28; B: H.  orientale (specimen M.  Galbany 2149, number 13), 2n = 28. Scale bar = 10 μm.

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