Figure S1. Film strips placed overnight on Rhododendron macrosepalum and Drosera adelae leaves. The digestion of the albumen layer can clearly be seen on the strips placed on Drosera but not on the strips placed on Rhododendron.

Figure S2. The uptake of neutral red by specialized absorptive cells on the leaf of Drosera adelae. Dark red cells on the right hand side indicate the part of the leaf that was submerged in the dye. The lighter red cells on the left were not submerged in the dye.

Table S1. A list of live prey captured onR.  macrosepaulm. Prey are identified to orderlevel and where possible to family. The average length of eachspecies was recorded using calipers and where possible the trophiclevel is given. For many of these insects the trophic level was notknown or the adults and ny mphs feed on different trophiclevels.

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