Figure S1. Chlorophyll indexes along plantvertical profile in three birch (B.  pendula)genotypes grown at different night temperatures. Lines are based onmeasurements of every second leaf of three plant replicates.

Figure S2. Height growth rate of three silverbirch (B.  pendula) genotypes (gt8, gt17, gt26)during the experiment at five different night time temperatures(6–22°C).

Table S1. Genotype- and night-timetemperature-induced differences in daytime leaf metabolites inbirch (Betula pendula) grown in chambers with differentnighttime temperature treatments (6, 10, 14, 18, 22 °C).Non-identified compounds are excluded. Relative metaboliteconcentrations of each compound are autoscaled between allgenotypes and treatments (not between compounds).L = lipophilic compound, P = polar compound,PP = polar phenolic compound.

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