Figure S1. (A, B) Distribution of airtemperature (°C), relative humidity (%) and VPD (kPa) duringthe assessment of the transpiration rates under well-wateredconditions of forty cowpea genotypes in response to natural changeof atmospheric vapor pressure deficit (VPD) outdoors (A: Exp. 1.)and in a glass house (B: Exp. 2.).

Figure S2. (A, B) Evolution of air temperature(°C), relative humidity (%) and VPD (kPa) during the assessmentof the transpiration rates under well-watered conditions of twelvecontrasting cowpea genotypes (Exp. 3.) in response to (A) naturalchange of VPD outdoors and (B) increasing VPD in a controlledenvironment growth chamber.

Table S1. List of cowpea genotypes studied across Exp.

Table S2. Growth attributes of cowpea genotypes from Exp. 1.

Table S3. Amount of water transpired as a function of time of day in drought-tolerant and sensitive cowpea genotypes assessed under fully irrigated conditions outdoors Exp. 3.

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