Figure S1. Locations of the sampled populationsof Anagallis arvensis, Anagallis foemina,Bupleurum rotundifolium, Consolida regalis andNigella arvensis in Central Germany (Sa-An: Saxony-Anhalt, Th: Thuringia, Sa: Saxony).

Table S1. Populations of all species.

Table S2. List of primers chosen for random amplified polymorphic DNA fingerprinting.

Table S3. Survey of studies comparing meanheterozygosity (He) of ex situ and in situpopulations ([UPWARDS ARROW] = higher He with ex situcultivation, [RIGHTWARDS ARROW] = no difference between exsitu and in situ populations, [DOWNWARDS ARROW] = lowerHe with ex situ cultivation).

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