Table S1. Weight, firmness, Brix degree and colour average measurements of Bolero and OroA fruits at S3I and S3II ripening stages. ‘a’ indicates the degree of green (negative values) to red (positive values) pigmentation.

Table S2. Primer sequences used for microarray data validation in q-PCR experiments.

Data S1. Statistically significant (P-value <0.05) differentially expressed genes in the Bolero–OroA comparisons and during ripening within genotype, as described in Fig. 1. Transcript model ID: code of the transcript model as assigned in the peach genome database. ESTree ID: Code of the EST as assigned in the ESTree database. BS2vsOS2: Bolero versus OroA at stage S2; BS3IvsOS3I: Bolero versus OroA at stage S3I; BS3IIvsOS3II: Bolero versus OroA at stage S3II; BS2vsBS3I: Bolero S2 versus Bolero S3I; BS3IvsBS3II: Bolero S3I versus Bolero S3II; OS2vsOS3I: OroA S2 versus OroA S3I; OS3IvsOS3II: OroA S3I versus OroA S3II. Positive log2-fold change values indicate up-regulation of the first sample. Negative log2-fold change values indicate up-regulation of the second sample.

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