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Lysyl oxidase (LOX) plays a critical role in the formation of cross-linkages in extracellular matrix molecules. Thus, it is essential for the biogenesis and homeostasis of the connective tissue matrix. During development, collagen fibres and elastic system fibres emerge and accumulate in a temporospatial manner in the presumptive dermis of chicks. In this study, we investigated LOX mRNA expression by laser capture microdissection and RT-qPCR and LOX protein localization by immunohistochemistry. The picrosirius polarization method was used to investigate a relation between collagen accumulation and LOX expression. PCR analysis showed that the expression of LOX mRNA in the presumptive dermis became apparent at embryonic day 13 and increased considerably by ED17. Immunohistochemical staining for LOX in the dermis was very low at all stages of development. Accumulation of collagen fibres was seen in the dermis on ED10, and higher wavelengths of birefringence became evident by ED13. Our findings suggest that the temporal pattern of LOX mRNA expression correlates with collagen fibre accumulation in the dermis of the developing chick limb bud, whereas LOX expression was relatively constant at the protein level.