Untersuchungen zum Sexualverhalten von Cyrtophora cicatrosa (Stoliczka) (Araneae, Araneidae)


  • Dr. Rainer Blanke

    Corresponding author
    1. Zoologisches Institut I der Universität Karlsruhe
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      Der Titel meiner Promotionsarbeit wurde so von meinem alten Doktorvater Altevogt formuliert.

Zoologisches Institut, 75 Karlsruhe, Kornblumenstraße 13.


Courtship and copulation behaviour of the tropical spicier Cyrtophora cicatrosa were observed in the laboratory. They are described and compared with the behaviour of C. citricola. Emphasis is placed on the roles of pheromones and web tapping, and on the species' different ways of overcoming the problems resulting from extreme sexual dimorphism.