Le comportement reproducteur de Sminthurus viridis (L.) (Collembola, Symphypleona)


  • Marie-christine Betsch-pinot

    1. Laboratoire d'Ecologie Gènèrale, F 91800 Brunoy, France
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      Marie-Christine Betsch-pinot, Laboratoire d‘Écologie Générale, 4, Avenue du petit chateau, F-91800 Brunoy, France.


Different phases of the reproductive behaviour of Sminthurus viridis are analysed. Stalked spermatophores are deposited by the ♂, but the sperm is transmitted during a primitive courtship.

Oviposition consists of characteristic sequences, present in all species which deposit coated eggs. Here, however, the shortness of the sequences results from the eggs being laid in batches and from the frequently dry conditions in the natural biotope of this species.

The anatomy of the genital organs of ♂♂ and ♀♀ is described, with a particular study of the genital plate of the ♂ by SEM.