Analyse comparative de la séquence sexuelle chez les Ipopodes Oniscoidea de la série ligienne en relation avec le développement de la volvation chez les Armadillidiidae et les Armadillidae


  • Françoise Mead

    1. Institut de Neurophysiologie et Psychophysiologie, C.N.R.S., 13274 Marseille
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    • 2

      Françoise Mead, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Institut de Neurophysiologie et Psychophysiologie, F-13 274 Marseille, Cedex 2.


A comparative study of the sexual sequence is carried out in four Oniscoidea of the ligiid series Porcellio laevis, Metoponorthus sexfasciatus (Porcellionidae), Armadillidium vulgare (Armadillidiidae) and Armadillo officinalis (Armadillidae). The differences between the four species chiefly appear in the precopulatory manoeuvres. The integration of coiling or uncoiling reactions in the sexual sequence of coiling forms is studied in two genera: Armadillidium and Armadillo. Results of the behavioral study provide information about the evolution of the group.