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Female Mate Choice, Calling Song and Genetic Variance in the Cricket, Gryllodes sigillatus


R. Cueva del Castillo, FES Iztacala, UBIPRO, UNAM, Av. de los Barrios No. 1 Los Reyes Iztacala A. P. 314 Mexico 54090, Edo. de Mexico, Mexico.


Female preferences for song patterns of males of Gryllodes sigillatus and genetic variance of morphological traits correlated with them were analyzed. Females preferred short pulses associated with large males. The males’ thorax width, wing length and femur III length showed stronger relationship with the song pulse duration, whereas the relationship between pulse duration and wing width was not significant. Interestingly, this last trait was the only one that showed significant levels of genetic variance. Perhaps these results could be explained by the evolutionary response to sexual selection. Sexual selection could deplete the genetic variance in the male traits related to male-mating success.