Identification of some compounds associated with resistance of Pinus densiflora to Fomes annosus


Author's addresses: Dr. M. T. Dumas, Prof. Dr. M. Hubbes, Faculty of Forestry, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario. Dr. G. M. Strunz, Maritimes Forest Research Centre, Canadian Forestry Service, Fredericton, New Brunswick


From the heartwood-free stemwood of Pinus densiflora, 7 compounds inhibitory to the linear growth of Fomes annosus were isolated. These were identified as pinosylvin, pinosylvin monomethyl ether, (3-sitosterol, a cembrol-like diterpene alcohol, and three isomeric diterpene acids belonging to the abietane group, one of which is probably palustric acid. Other antifungal fractions contained complex mixtures and were not characterized.