Molecular characterization of Apple scar skin viroid from Himalayan wild cherry



Himalayan wild cherry (Prunus cerasoides), widely distributed in the Himalayas, was examined for viroid infection. Two of 15 samples collected from various regions of district Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, India gave positive amplification with primers specific for three fruit tree viroids. Sequencing of these two amplicons confirmed the presence of ASSVd in Himalayan wild cherry and share 99% identity. The isolates share 91–98% sequence identity with reported sequences from Greece of sweet cherry, Prunus avium, cv. Tragana Edissis (acc. no. FN376408, FN376409, FJ974069) and wild cherry, Pavium, originated from seedlings (acc. no. FJ974062, FJ974063 and GQ249350). They also share 98% sequence identity with an Indian isolate of ASSVd (acc. no. FN547407). The present study reports the presence of ASSVd in Himalayan wild cherry.