Previous risk prediction studies have mostly shown that suitable areas for pine wood nematode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus (PWN), in China are mainly concentrated in eastern and southern China, with pest reaching no further northern than the Yangtze River basin. The Chinese pine (Pinus tabuliformis, Chinese pine or Chinese red pine) is the main, native, afforestation species in areas to the north of the Yangtze River basin. To our knowledge, there is no report on PWN infecting Chinese pines in the north of the Yangtze. In this study, we used Baermann funnel method and several PCR primers to detect the presence of PWN in Chinese pine forest fields in 2010 in Shaanxi, China, which is far to the north of the Yangtze River and a cause for concern. Pinus koraiensis (Korean pine) may also be at risk and should also be monitored to prevent invasion by PWN.