• Cabbage;
  • cuticle;
  • leaf surfaces;
  • scanning electron microscopy;
  • wax structure


These studies demonstrate that epicuticular wax may effect the water balance of cabbage under high temperature conditions. In ten week old leaves we did not observe that the cristalline structured wax of the variety Kinsyun was reduced as in three week old leaves compared to Sousyu at high day and night temperatures. Neither the wax structure nor the amount of surface wax of eight varieties could be correlated with their ability to build a head. That head formation of the heat tolerant Sousyu stopped at 27/29°C (day/night) suddenly after starting between leaf stage 11 and 15 could not be explained with differences in the optimum of the photosynthesis or water stress.

Growth parameters such as leaf number, length, area and dry weight of additional varieties, Akiou and Braunschweiger, first recommended for summer growing in warm areas and later in a temperate climate, were determined after three month exposure to mean temperature regimes of 27/29, 27/24 and 24/24°C in growth cabins.