Genetic variations and sequences analysis of MTATP6 and MTATP8 genes among different Chinese pig breeds


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To investigate the genetic variations of mtATP6 and mtATP8 genes among different Chinese pig breeds, two fragments of 425 and 743 bp containing the whole coding region of mtATP8 and mtATP6 genes were amplified with 805 individuals from 23 Chinese local pig breeds, three types of Chinese wild boars and three European pig breeds. Sequence comparison identified a total number of 17 substitutions including six variable sites in mtATP8 and eleven substitutions in mtATP6 gene. The restriction enzyme Fok I revealed four polymorphic sites (nt8086, 8176, 8514 and 7784), and four RFLP haplotype patterns (A, B, C and D) were identified in mtATP6 and mtATP8 genes among all tested samples. Our data showed AC combined haplotype originated from Asia and BD was regarded as European origin. The average frequency of Asian mtDNA haplotypes was 38.3% across the investigated European breeds but varied within each breeds (13.3∼76.7%). Phylogenetic analyses were performed also considering some published sequences in the databases; the sequences were divided into three distinct groups, denoted A, E1, and E2. The Asian AC haplotype existed among the European domestic pigs was fully consistent with the results of previous molecular studies and well-documented history. This study will help us to better understand the genetic variations of mitochondrial genes among different Chinese pig breeds.