Effect of gossypol on blood serum parameters and small intestinal morphology of male broilers


M. Özdoğan, Animal Science, Adnan Menderes University Agricultural Faculty, Aydin, Turkey. Tel: 90 256 7727148; Fax: 90 256 7727233; E-mail: mozdogan@adu.edu.tr


Summary In the present study, the effect of varied gossypol (GOSS) amounts was investigated on blood parameters, the digesta pH, villus height, villus width, and crypta depth, width of duodenum, jejunum and ileum. A total of one hundred eight Ross 308 male broilers were fed with four diet groups as follows: no gossypol (control), gossypol rate 62 mg/kg (GOSS 62), gossypol rate 124 mg/kg (GOSS 124) and gossypol rate 186 mg/kg (GOSS 186). The effect of used gossypol amounts on blood parameters was not found to be statistically significant. Increases in digesta pH values of jejunum and ileum with GOSS 186 diet group were found to be statistically significant. The results also indicated that, except duodenum villus height, there was no statistical difference effect of GOSS on epithelial cell thickness, villus height, villus width, crypta depth and crypta width of the duodenum, jejunum and ileum. There have been no clearly negative effects of higher gossypol amounts up to 186 mg/kg diets on these parameters.