• oxidative stress;
  • daily rhythms;
  • exercise;
  • horse


The aim of this study was to evaluate the daily rhythms of peroxidative parameters in untrained and trained horses. Blood samples were collected every 4 h for a 48-h period for the determination of reactive oxygen metabolites test (d-ROMs), antioxidant barrier (Oxy-ads), thiol antioxidant barrier (SHp) and lipid peroxidation (LPO). Two-way anova showed a significant effect of time of day on all parameters studied, except on LPO. Higher values of Oxy-ads and SHp were observed in trained horses during both days of monitoring (p < 0.01). All studied parameters, except for LPO, showed robust daily rhythms. Their acrophases occurred during the day in untrained horses and in the evening in trained horses. Our results showed that training increases antioxidative capacity and demonstrated that the daily rhythms of antioxidative parameters can be modified by training.