• Pisum sativum lectin;
  • egg size;
  • feeding;
  • Nitidulidae;
  • oviposition;
  • performance


Adult pollen beetles were exposed to three transgenic lines of Brassica napus L. expressing pea lectin up to 0.7% of total soluble protein in anthers. Two lines not expressing the pea lectin were used as controls. Adult responses were recorded in two experiments where beetles were fed either racemes or anthers. There was no effect of plant line on feeding rate, weight change or oviposition rate. A slightly reduced egg size was recorded when beetles were feeding on one of the plant lines with high concentration of pea lectin. Previous studies on the effect of pea lectin on pollen beetles have only focused on larval performance. The results of this study suggest that pea lectin has no adverse effect on the pest in its most damaging life stage.