Length–weight relationships for 31 teleost fishes caught by bottom trawl net in the Babadillimani Bight (northeastern Mediterranean)


Author's address: Erdogan Cicek, Ata Fisheries Research and Information Center, Harran University, 63850 Bozova/Sanliurfa, Turkey
E-mail: erdogan73@yahoo.com


Length–weight relationships (LWR) were estimated for 31 teleost fish species caught in the Babadillimani Bight on the western entrance of Mersin Bay, Turkey. Sampling was carried out from May 1999 to April 2000 at monthly intervals using bottom trawl nets of 6 mm cod-end mesh size. The b values varied from 2.662 for Echelus myrus to 3.395 for Gobius niger, with a mean of 3.024 (±0.166). This study presents the first estimation of LWR for seven species (Blennius ocellaris, Centracanthus cirrus, E. myrus, Engraulis encrasicolus, G. niger, Synodus saurus, and Zeus faber) distributed along the northeastern Mediterranean coastal area.