Biology of the salema, Sarpa salpa (L. 1758) (Pisces, Sparidae) from the middle-eastern Adriatic


Author’s address: A. Pallaoro, Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, Šet. I., Meštrovića 63, Split, Croatia.


Salema Sarpa salpa (Linnaeus, 1758), were caught in the middle-eastern Adriatic Sea from August to November 2004. Length range of the samples was between 10.3 and 43.9 cm, with mean values of 25.5 cm in males, 32.6 cm in females, and 11.4 and 20.2cm in immature and hermaphrodite specimens, respectively. Sex ratio (males : females) was 3.1 : 1. Males were observed up to 37 cm length. Hermaphrodites showed lengths between 18 and 21 cm. The species was characterized by protandric hermaphroditism. Size at sexual maturity was 20.6 cm (2 years old) for males. Total length-total weight relationship for the entire population is described by the parameters a = 0.00893, and b = 3.1055. Otolith age readings showed that the population consisted of 15 age groups (1–15 years), including a very high proportion of individuals 1–7 years old. The von Bertalanffy growth parameters were L = 33.11cm, k = 0.514, and t0 = −0.392 years for males and L = 40.85cm, k = 0.179, and t0 = −2.606 years for females. Survival rate of females (S = 0.870) was much greater than for males (S = 0.769).