Length–weight relationships of 15 fishes of the Capivara Reservoir (Paranapanema basin, Brazil)


Author’s address: J. Robert Britton, Centre for Conservation Ecology and Environmental Science, School of Applied Sciences, Bournemouth University, Poole, BH12 5BB, UK.
E-mail: rbritton@bournemouth.ac.uk


The relationship between length and weight are described for 15 fish species in the Capivara Reservoir, Brazil, an impoundment of the rivers Paranapanema, Ashes and Tibagi. The fish community of the reservoir was sampled using a multi-method sampling strategy in 2003 and 2004 to enable the collection of fish samples that were not biased regarding length or weight. For seven of these fishes, the data represent the first description of length–weight data for the species.