Weight–length relationships for 27 demersal fish species caught off the Cape Verde archipelago (eastern North Atlantic)


Author’s address: A. Rosa, Departamento de Oceanografia e Pescas, Universidade dos Açores, PT-9901-862 Horta, Portugal
E-mail: xana@uac.pt


Weight–length relationships were estimated for 27 demersal fish species of the Cape Verde archipelago. Samples were collected in October and November 2000 using longline gear in depths up to 600 m, and occasionally to 1200 m. The b values were within expected ranges, varying between 2.406 and 3.761, except for Syacium micrurum (1.574) and Paraconger notialis (4.476), which presented strong allometries instigated through further analysis. This work revises previous literature in the archipelago and provides the first reference on weight–length parameters for 10 fish species worldwide and for 21 species of the Cape Verde archipelago.