A protein chip based on surface plasmon resonance (SPR) was developed for measuring the Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae antibody titres using a recombinant 30-kDa fragment of P97 adhesin as an antigen. The diagnostic potential of this SPR assay, for detecting the antibody titres to the M. hyopneumoniae 30-kDa protein, was compared with that of conventional ELISA using 70 pig serum samples taken from six pig farms. The SPR assay was found to be highly specific and sensitive. Moreover, there was a strong positive correlation between the SPR and ELISA titres (n = 70, r = 0.898, P < 0.01). Therefore, this recombinant 30-kDa protein can be used as an antigen for serological studies, and the SPR, which is a label-free method, is expected to be a valuable and reproducible tool in the serodiagnosis of M. hyopneumoniae infection.