Taxonomic and molecular studies on Drosophila sinobscura and D. hubeiensis, two sibling species of the D. obscura group


  • *Dedicated to Prof. GUnther Osche on the occasion of his 70th birthday.


Allozyme electrophoresis and three different DNA sequences (ATOC180 satellite DNA, 5SrDNA repeats, and parts of the Adh gene) were used to compare the two closely related East Asian sibling species Drosophila sinobscura and D. hubeiensis producing fertile hybrids in the laboratory. The data were also applied to establish their phylogenetic relationships to the other species of the D. obscura group. Genetic divergence in 5SrDNA repeats and specifically in the Adh gene separate the two species clearly from each other and justify their species status. Both species are related to the European species of the D. obscura group but the presence of members of the ATOC 180 satellite DNA family, specific and common to the species triad D. ambigua, D. tristis and D. obscura, in the genomic DNA of D. sinobscura and D. hubeiensis put the two sibling species in their close neighbourhood.