Table S1. POMC cDNA and Amino Acid Sequences from GenBank.

Table S2. Partitioning schemes used for Bayesian analysis and the model of nucleotide evolution selected for each partition.

Table S3. Percentage of trees supporting alternative hypotheses for the placement of Testudines among amniotes produced by the Bayesian analysis of each partitioning scheme.

Table S4. The harmonic mean of the Ln likelihood of the 45,000 trees produced and sampled for each Bayesian partitioning scheme of POMC cDNA, and the Ln Bayes factors calculated by Tracer v1.4 for each partitioning scheme of POMC cDNA.

Table S5. 2Ln Bayes factors for calculated for each Bayesian partitioning scheme of POMC cDNA.

Table S6. The number of characters, variable characters, and parsimony informative characters present in each partition of the six partitioning schemes used during Bayesian analysis of the Proopiomelanocortin (POMC) gene.

Table S7. Interpretations of 2Ln Bayes factors as modified from Kass and Raftery (1995) by Nylander et  al. (2004).

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