Figure S1.Multiple-sequence alignments of all satellite-DNA sequenced clones from Polyergus rufescens (PORU) and P. samurai (POSA). Monomer consensus sequence is shown. The primers used are also shown (underlined). The sequence primers have been eliminated from the sequence alignments.

Table S1.Satellite DNA. (a) Nucleotide diversity, Pi(JC), in each species (diagonal) and pairwise divergence, Dxy(JC), values between species. (b) Pi (JC) in all species of Formica analysed except F. subrufa (Formica spp.), in Polyergus rufescens and P. samurai (Polyergus sp.) and in F. subrufa and the corresponding Dxy (JC) between them. The number of fixed differences is shown in brackets.

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