Kodamaea ohmeri isolate from two immunocompromised patients: first report in Italy


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Kodamaea ohmeri is an unusual yeast-form fungus that has recently been identified as an important aetiological agent of fungaemia, endocarditis, cellulitis, funguria and peritonitis in immunocompromised patients. We present two new isolated of K. ohmeri. The microorganisms were identified by CHROMagar Candida medium, VitekII system and API ID32C. Biochemical identification of the two yeast isolates was confirmed by sequence analysis of the 26S ribosomal DNA. Antifungal susceptibility testing done by Sensititre YeastOne showed that the isolates were susceptible to amphotericin B, voriconazole and itraconazole. This work is the first report of isolation of K. ohmeri in immunocompromised patients in Italy.