Genetic Relationships Among Four Pepper Genotypes Resistant to Phytophthora capsici


  • With one figure and 3 tables

  • Communicated by A. Andrasfalvy


According to our previous investigations, resistance to Phytophthora capsid in Capsicum annuum genotypes, ‘Line 29’, ‘PI201232’, ‘PI201234’ and Serrano Criollo de Morelos 334 (‘SCM334’), seems to be controlled by three genes. In order to determine the genie relationships between these four sources of resistance, three experiments were conducted which included the four genotypes, their F1s, F2s, F3s and BC1 generations together with the susceptible pepper genotype ‘Morron INI A 224’. Inoculations were made, when plants had 4—6 leaves, by irrigating the culture substrate with a zoospore suspension of P. capsici isolate ‘Bl’. Though the four genotypes showed percentages of resistance close to a 100%, none of them actually reached this level in the three experiments. ‘SCM334’ was the most resistant genotype, transmitting a high level of resistance to its F1, F2 and BQ generations. ‘Line 29’ was more resistant than ‘PI201232’ and ‘PI201234’. However, the F1 F2 and BQ generations of these three lines showed similar degrees of resistance. The four genotypes seem to have one of the three genes postulated for their resistance in common. All genes displayed a similar level of resistance, except the specific genes of ‘SCM334’, the effect of which was slightly higher. Several working procedures are suggested for breeding programmes.