• Beta vulgaris;
  • amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP);
  • linkage map;
  • molecular marker


The AFLP (amplified fragment length polymorphism) technique has been applied in establishing an extended linkage map of sugar beet. A total of 120 AFLPs were integrated into an existing linkage map based on RFLP markers. Four primer combinations yielded between 19 and 40 polymorphic bands in an F2 population consisting of 94 plants. The AFLP loci were evenly distributed over the nine linkage groups, with the exception of linkage group V where the number of AFLPs was significantly low. The AFLPs were found to be reproducible even against the background of different combinations of Taq DNA polymerases and buffers. However, the quantity of higher molecular weight fragments (>400 bp) was reduced when using plant DNA of poor quality as a template. The results of these experiments are discussed, together with possible applications of AFLPs in sugar beet breeding.