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Mapping quantitative trait loci for sheath blight resistance in rice using double haploid population



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This study used a double haploid (DH) population of ‘Maybelle’, a USA japonica variety susceptible to sheath blight (ShB), and ‘Baiyeqiu’, a Chinese indica landrace resistant to ShB, to identify quantitative trait loci (QTL) controlling rice ShB resistance. The DH population (251 lines) was inoculated with R. solani strain RH-9. A molecular linkage map saturated with 227 markers was constructed. We detected a total of four QTL located on four different chromosomes (qShB1, qShB2, qShB3 and qShB5). The qShB1 QTL explained 8.9% of the phenotypic variation in 2007 and 13.2% in 2008.