Pure dog breeding is experiencing growing interest. Assisted reproductive technologies are each time demanded more by the small animal practitioner. In this paper different semen technologies are briefly reviewed under the perspective of the authors. In addition, new trends in the evaluation of canine ejaculates, developed in the laboratory of the authors are discussed. The existence of sperm subpopulations defined based both on kinematics and morphometric characteristics of the spermatozoa is now widely accepted by the scientific community. In the laboratory of the authors new, simpler and more straightforward statistical tools have been used to disclose the sperm subpopulation structure in the canine ejaculate. The study of the sperm subpopulation structure and its changes after cryopreservation has allowed us to gain an insight into the differences in freezeability among dogs, and also predict to a great extent the outcome of a cryopreservation procedure of a given semen sample. New techniques to evaluate early membrane changes have also been recently developed in our laboratory.