The aim of this study was a cytogenetic analysis of stallions semen to find sex chromosome aberrations and to determine if there was an association between stallion’s age and aberration frequency for the sex chromosomes. Sperm samples were collected from 22 stallions of various age from 3 to 23 years. Multicolour FISH was performed on each sample, using probes for the sex chromosomes and EGFR gene, localized on 4p12 in domestic horse. A total of 26199 sperm cells were analysed (from 1 070 to 1 532 per animal). Among the analysed cells, there were 50.318% with X chromosome, 48.543% with Y chromosome and 1.139% with aberrant chromosomes. The frequency of aberrations was: sex chromosomes nullisomy (0.466%), XY aneuploidy (0.454%), XX disomy (0.146%), YY disomy (0.041%), diploidy (0.024%) and trisomy XXY (0.008%). Additionally there was a correlation between the age of an animal and the frequency of sex chromosome aberration and a significant positive correlation between age and disomy of XY, XX, YY, trisomy of XXY, autosomal disomy was seen. A Correlation between the age of a stallion and the level of nullisomy was negative. The present study demonstrated that FISH technique is a powerful method to identify sex chromosome aberrations in equine spermatozoa and might be very helpful for a breeder during a selection for the best stallion.