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Genetic Characterization of the Aceh Cattle Using Phenotypic, Mitochondrial DNA of D-Loop Region and Microsatellite DNA Analyses


Author’s address (for correspondence): Prof. RR Noor, Ir, MRur.Sc, PhD, Research and Community Services Institute, Bogor Agricultural University, Bogor 16680, Indonesia. E-mail:


The present study reports the phenotypic variation of body weight and body size, the genetic variation of D-loop of mtDNA and microsatellite DNA allele in Aceh cattle in Indonesia within the frame of the design of a conservation programme for this indigenous species. Aceh cattle differ from Bali, Madura, Java-Ongole and Pesisir cattle, but its ancestry relates it closest to Pesisir, thus adding more information to its entry from the Indian sub-continent.