The Combinatorial Effect of Different Equex STM Paste Concentrations, Cryoprotectants and the Straw-Freezing Methods on the Post-Thaw Boar Semen Quality


Author’s address (for correspondence): Jui-Te Wu, Department of Veterinary Medicine, College of Agriculture, National Chiayi University, Shyuefu Road, Chiayi City, Taiwan. E-mail:


This study was to evaluate the combinatorial effect (14 treatments, A–N) of different Equex STM paste concentrations, cryoprotectants and the straw-freezing method on the post-thaw boar semen quality. Two ejaculates were collected from each of nine boars (three boars from each of three breeds). Semen was diluted in extenders with different concentrations of Equex STM paste and different cryoprotectants [glycerol or dimethylacetamide (DMA)] before cryopreserving via liquid nitrogen or dry ice. Motility, viability, percentage of spermatozoa with intense acrosomal staining and with normal morphology of post-thaw sperm were evaluated. The qualities of thawed semen were best preserved in treatment H (extender with 0.5% Equex STM paste and 5% glycerol and freezing by dry ice) and were worst in treatment B (extender with 0% Equex STM paste and 5% DMA and freezing by dry ice). Significant difference (p < 0.05) was present in post-thawed sperm motility (63% vs 27%), sperm viability (70% vs 33%) and sperm acrosomal integrity rate (68% vs 29%) between treatments H and B. However, sperm proportion with normal morphology showed no significant difference among treatments (66% vs 66%; p > 0.05). Moreover, statistical analysis suggests that no significant difference was present in semen quality among breed or individual donors (p > 0.05). These findings suggest that Equex STM paste improved the cryosurvival efficiency of boar sperm, and the favourable straw-freezing method changes between glycerol and DMA.