Molecular Cloning, Characterization of Porcine IZUMO1, an IgSF Family Member


Author’s address (for correspondence): K-T Chang, National Primate Research Center, Korea Research Institute of Biotechnology, Ochang, Chungbuk 363-883, Republic of Korea. E-mail:


IZUMO1, belonging to the family of mammalian immunoglobulin proteins, has been well characterized in the mouse. Here, we describe the molecular cloning and expression analysis of porcine IZUMO1 (pIZUMO1). Partial sequence information published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) database was used to generate the full-length sequence for IZUMO1 using rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE). A search of the porcine genomic sequence in the NCBI database identified a bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) encoding the pIZUMO1 gene. This BAC is derived from porcine chromosome 6 and is syntenic with the corresponding regions of mouse, bovine, and human genomes encoding the IZUMO gene family. This BAC was found to encode an IZUMO1 protein with a predicted amino acid sequence having high similarity with mouse and human IZUMO1. Western blot analysis of proteins from porcine tissues indicated that pIZUMO1 was specifically expressed in the sperm. Furthermore, to confirm whether pIZUMO1 forms complexes, we overexpressed pIZUMO1 in HEK293 cells. The recombinant pIZUMO1 from cell extracts was found to form complexes. Our finding suggests that pIZUMO1 forms homodimeric complex on the sperm membrane. Furthermore, an IVF inhibition assay with an antibody for the porcine IZUMO1 Ig-like domain showed that Ig-like domain effectively prevented pig sperm–egg interactions.