Allergic contact dermatitis caused by a cell phone cover


  • Penelope Jane Williams, MRCP. Clodagh King, FRCP. Vicky Arslanian, RGN.

Dr Penelope Jane Williams, Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital, Dermatology, Liverpool, United Kingdom. Email:


We describe a case of contact dermatitis to a phone cover, which was compounded by secondary allergic contact dermatitis to topical creams used. The phone cover was advertised as being composed of silicone only. Patch testing with the cover material confirmed the diagnosis. In addition, there were positive patch test reactions to a number of allergens in the plastics and glues series from Chemotechnique Diagnostics (Malmö, Sweden). The increasing use of phone covers and the multiple positive reactions to chemicals used in plastic manufacture seen in this case suggest that similar allergic reactions may occur more frequently in the future and should be considered in the differential diagnosis of facial dermatitis.