Allergic contact dermatitis to indium in jewellery: diagnosis made possible through the use of the Contact Allergen Bank Australia


  • Sarah E Gamboni, BMBS. Ivan Simmons, FACD Amanda M Palmer, MPHC Rosemary L Nixon, FACD
  • Conflicts of interest: no conflict of interest to declare

Correspondence: Dr Sarah Elizabeth Gamboni, Occupational Dermatology Research and Education Centre, Skin and Cancer Foundation, 80 Drummond Street, Carlton, Melbourne, Vic. 3053, Australia. Email:


We report a case of a 39-year-old woman from Adelaide who developed allergic contact dermatitis to the rare allergen indium in her ring. The allergen was sourced for patch testing using the Contact Allergen Bank Australia (CABA), based at the Skin and Cancer Foundation in Melbourne, and posted to Adelaide. This case illustrates the usefulness of CABA in facilitating patch testing throughout Australia, especially when rare allergens are involved.