Northern Territory Emergency Response: Criticism, support and redesign


  • Brendon W. Evans BEng(Hons), MPhil Candidate, Medical Student

    Corresponding author
    1. University of Queensland, Queensland Health Rural Scholarship Holder, Edens Landing, Queensland, Australia
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Brendon Evans, Level 2 Administration, Mater Children's Hospital, Brisbane 4101, Australia. Email:


The recent Federal Government Report and Media release, Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory: Report on Consultations and its claim of ‘widespread Indigenous Support’ has brought the topic of the Northern Territory Emergency Response (the Intervention) back into the public mind. This article provides a synthesis of four years of debate around the Northern Territory Emergency Response, at a time when the program is nearing the end of its time frame. It outlines the main arguments supporting the Intervention, the central criticisms and the government's response to these evaluations, with the aim of providing a primer or summary for health professionals to the discussion around this important public issue.