• Breast;
  • biopsy Breast neoplasms;
  • diagnosis Ereast neoplasms;
  • localisation


The authors have reviewed 308 localisation biopsies performed on nonpalpable breast lesions between 1986 and 1990. The initiating mammogram, specimen radiograph, radiologists' reports and histology reports have been analysed with respect to the nature of the mammographic lesion, patient age, breast parenchymal pattern and histologic diagnosis.

The overall malignant biopsy rate was 28%. Malignancy was found in 67% of biopsies for architectural distortion, 27% for calcification and 25% for a mass lesion. Masses if malignant proved to have an invasive component in the majority of cases (29/33). Calcification if malignant was more often in situ carcinoma (25/44).

29% of malignant biopsies were in women under the age of 50 and approximately half of these had an invasive component. The histologic nature of benign lesions is presented with identification of those with proliferative breast disease.

The results are compared with those of other recently published series. Implications are discussed for the management of minimally suspicious lesions and for screening mammography.