Fig. S1. The HydraRSK gene.

Fig. S2. The HydraCBP gene.

Fig. S3. Characterization of the cellular alterations in head-regenerating halves at 1 hpa.

Fig. S4. Western blot analysis showing the RSK, CREB, CBP and actin protein levels in head-regenerating halves of hydra exposed 1x (A) or 3x (B) to dsRNAs.

Table S1. Modulations of CREB subcellular localisation in interstitial cells during early head regeneration.

Table S2. Inhibition of injury-induced apoptosis in RSK(RNAi), CREB(RNAi) or CBP(RNAi)Hydra (A) or in U0126-treated Hydra (B).

Table S3. Modulations in cell density and BrdU-labeling index in head-regenerating stumps after genetic or pharmacological inhibition of the MAPK/CREB pathway.

Table S4. Cell-type distribution among the BrdU positive cells found in the 3 regions of head-regenerating halves.

Table S5. Kinetics of head-regeneration in Hydra silenced for RSK, CREB or CBP.

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