Time to care? Time for reflection


  • Christopher Johns RGM RMN CertEd MN

    Corresponding author
    1. Reader in Advanced Nursing Practice, University of Luton, Faculty of Health Care and Social Studies, Luton, Bedfordshire, England
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C. Johns, 2 Parklands, Great Linford, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK14 5DZ, England.


This paper develops a single shared experience within a guided reflection relationship to highlight the process of guiding learning through reflection. The shared experience is a mundane everyday experience concerned with the ward sister on an acute elderly ward responding to a relative's request. From the reflective practice perspective, the analysis of a single experience becomes a significant source of knowledge to inform others’practice. Reflective practitioners always interpret extant knowledge for its relevance to their practice. This process is helped by reflective accounts because they are subjective and contextualized accounts and therefore aid interpretation.