• back injury;
  • back pain;
  • Greece;
  • lifting;
  • occupational diseases

Vasiliadou A, Karvountzis G, Roumeliotis D, Soumilas A, Plati C & Nomikos I. International Journal of Nursing Practice 1997; 3: 15–20

Factors associated with back pain in nursing staff: A survey in Athens, Greece

Factors associated with self-reported back pain were investigated using questionnaire data on 407 female nurses from a large hospital in Athens, Greece. Factor analysis was used to construct indices of pain and its impact on normal life, and also to summarize work load descriptions. Pain factors were examined in relation to work load and personal characteristics by logistic regression. Statistically significant items, in relation both to pain and impact, were the existence of previous back injury, self-reported headaches and the ‘carrying and lifting’ factor of work load which principally included moving equipment. Age, height and weight were not associated with back pain. Compared to a similar study by Harber and colleagues in California, United States of Amercia, the factors associated with back pain were quite similar in this study even though the prevalence of back pain was much higher among Greek nurses and their work load was physically much more demanding.