• questionnaire screening methods;
  • school nursing;
  • school screening models;
  • school screening.

Scherrer S, Stevens JA. International Journal of Nursing Practice 1997; 3: 89–96

An evaluation of the accuracy and efficiency of a school screening model that uses a questionnaire

The role of the school nurse is changing to meet the increasing needs for health promotion and health education. However, the evolution is being hampered by the inefficient work practices involved in undertaking some of the more traditional tasks such as school screening. A survey questionnaire model of screening was developed and trialed with a sample of students and parents and then compared with the results of the more traditional one to one screening programme. The questionnaire survey model was evaluated for accuracy and efficiency against the traditional screening model. The questionnaire method exhibited a relatively low error rate and required one third of the time to complete when compared with the traditional screening programme. The implications of these findings as well as the advantages and limitations of each model are examined in the discussion.