• community nursing;
  • Ottawa Charter

Cusack L, Smith M, Byrnes T. International Journal of Nursing Practice 1997; 3: 133–136

Innovations in community health nursing: Examples from practice

The Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion is cited internationally as an appropriate conceptual framework for healthcare service delivery yet the literature reveals minimal evidence of nursing services interpreting and applying the Ottawa Charter strategies into nursing practice. Nurses with the community services of Noarlunga Health Services and the Drug and Alcohol Services Council of South Australia, however, do use the strategies to plan and implement their services. The Ottawa Charter strategies of developing personal skills; creating supportive environments; strengthening community action; building healthy public policy; and re-orienting services in the interest of health can be used as a tool to assist nurses to identify the purpose of their interventions and select a comprehensive range of nursing actions which address the needs of individuals while acknowledging the broader determinants of health. This article presents a nursing analysis of the Charter and provides examples of how the strategies are used to influence nursing practice in both organizations. The examples provided from the two different nursing services also demonstrate the adaptability and relevance of the strategies to diverse community nursing practice settings.