• audiology;
  • continuing care;
  • elderly;
  • hearing loss;
  • nursing model

Tolson D & Stephens D. International Journal of Nursing Practice 1997; 3: 224–230

Age-related hearing loss in the dependent elderly population: A model for nursing care

Advancing nursing care through the implementation of evidence-based practice is a legitimate professional ideal. In reality there are many complex issues that need be addressed before such a goal can be achieved. This paper takes an intermediate step towards the realization of this aim in one aspect of continuing care nursing through the presentation of a procedural model. The presented model is designed to stimulate debate as to what could be, and arguably should be the role of the nurse in relation to meeting the auditory rehabilitative needs of dependent elderly patients. The model is based upon a published management model which outlines the auditory rehabilitative process within a psychosocial framework. The original model has been modified as a result of knowledge synthesis from a range of specialist disciplines including nursing. The Audiological Care Model for Nursing is intended to offer an accessible guide to this often neglected aspect of care.