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An exploration of the concept of patient education: Implications for the development of educational programmes for relapsed post-bone marrow transplantation patients and their families in Korea


Jane Conway, Central Coast Health, Clinical and Professional Development Service, Gosford, NSW 2250, Australia. Email:


Frequently, the nursing care of patients who undergo bone marrow transplantation (BMT) is focused on acute, curative care. However, given that recurrent disease following BMT has a poor prognosis, a focus on acute care alone appears inappropriate for those clients who experience relapse. Care for this group of patients should be more inclusive of principles that underpin palliative care. Patient education is an important element of palliative care. Therefore, patient education based on the principles of palliative care should play a significant part in the nursing care of BMT patients with recurrent disease. This paper proposes a framework for the development of a palliative educational programme for relapsed post-BMT patients and their families in Korea. The framework was developed through a concept analysis of patient education.