• capacity building;
  • concept analysis;
  • nursing research;
  • research capacity

Recent policy developments in Ireland have led to a focus on research capacity building as a means of consolidating nurse and midwifery education in the Irish academic setting. This follows similar initiatives in the United Kingdom and Australia. However, sparse literature and a lack of clarity of the term ‘research capacity building’ leads to some confusion. A concept analysis using Rodgers' framework was conducted. The literature examined included ‘grey’ literature, policy documents and indexed papers across a range of disciplines, derived from CINAHL/PubMed searches. The concept of research capacity building was deemed to imply a funded, dynamic intervention operationalized through a range of foci and levels to augment ability to achieve objectives in the research field over the long-term, with aspects of social change as an ultimate outcome. This is presented as an interim statement because of the evolutionary nature of the concept and the limitations of the exercise.