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Effect of computer game intervention on the attention capacity of mentally retarded children


Eesa Mohammadi, Nursing Department, Medical Sciences Faculty, Tarbiat Modarres University, PO Box 14115-331, Gisha Bridge, Tahran, Iran. Email:;


The low rate of understanding and the limited domain of attention are two important and distinctive characteristics of mental retardation. One of the important strategies to provide effective education for these subjects is to lessen the backgrounds and impacts of these affective factors. The aim of this research was to find the effect of computer games program on the amount of mentally retarded persons' attention. Sixty educable male mentally retarded subjects were selected from two 24-h care centres in Tehran. The Toulouse–Pieron Scale was used to determinate the subjects' attention at pre–post test. Members of the experimental group were subjected to 35 sets of computer games. After use of the sets of computer games, the attention scores of the subjects were assessed immediately after the intervention and 5 weeks later. The results showed that exactly after the intervention the average attention scores of the experimental group were significantly higher than those of the control group. But, 5 weeks after the intervention, there was actually no significant difference.