Cooperation with school nurses described by Finnish sixth graders


Tiina Mäenpää, Department of Nursing Science, University of Tampere, Tampere, Finland. Email:


This paper deals with research on cooperation with the school nurse described by sixth graders. The data were collected via six focus group interviews in 2003–2004. Twenty-two sixth graders (aged 11–12 years) participated in the research. The data were analysed by the constant comparison method based on grounded theory. The analysis yielded a number of concepts that describe the basis of the cooperation: the trusted expertise of the school nurse, informative interaction with the family and knowing the family situation. The cooperation consisted of supporting the pupil's growth and development, need for individual counselling and supporting coping at school. The cooperation was characterized by an open atmosphere and friendliness, a low level of reciprocity, the school nurse's stereotyped activities and respect for the pupil's privacy. Pupils' experiences and perspectives can be used to develop more holistic strategies for the school health service.